Roof Ventilators

Installing roof ventilators is the most cost effective way to remove hot , stale air from your roof cavity during the heat of summer.

But what about the cooler winter months ?

During winter your roof cavity becomes a very damp environment . This is due to condensation caused by the outside temperature being colder than the inside and also steam being expelled from exhaust fans. Roof vents can assist in drying out your roof space to help reduce mould build up on ceilings.

Cathedral or raked ceilings.

Roof vents can be fitted to cathedral ceilings with the use of an open and closable ceiling registers. By opening them up during the hot summer months to allow the heat to escape into the roof cavity and out via the roof vents. During the winter months you can simply close the register to retain the valuable heat that you may be paying for.

Open and closable ceiling registers can also be fitted to rooms that may become hot due to sun beaming onto windows. The hot air can escape so that your air conditioner doesn't have to deal with it therefore reducing energy costs.

Swansea Skylights highly recommend the use of Edmonds roof ventilator products.


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